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Add a golden edge to your stay by ordering something good to eat or drink in the room. We can arrange most things from our drinks menu, so if you don't find anything suitable below, you can take a look at our drinks menu. A selection from the menu below can be added when you book a room online via our website. If you have already booked a room and wish to add something, email us at info@atellet.se.

Good to eat

  • Charcuterie plate, SEK 120 per person
  • Caramel and sea salt truffles 1 pc, SEK 45 per person

Good to drink

  • Kvarnsand 5-1 Väddö Brewery SEK 75
  • Galipette Cidre Brut Apple France SEK 75
  • Sparkling wine small bottles (20 cl) SEK 110 each
  • Bienvenido Cava Brut, Catalonia Spain SEK 560
  • Rodestiu Cava Brut Rosé, Penedés Spain SEK 550 
  • Alexandre Bonnet Grande Réserve Brut Champagne France SEK 750 

Alcohol free

  • Soft drink Coca Cola/Cola Zero/Fanta/Sprite SEK 45
  • Galipette Apple Cider SEK 65
  • Easy Rider Bulldog IPA Alcohol Free Beer SEK 65
  • Brewmaster's Alcohol Free SEK 65