Hiking package

Discover Roslags unique nature and culture on the Roslagsleden!
The stages around us are of different lengths and vary between 9 km and 25 km. We will be happy to help you choose the stage that best suits your particular wishes.

The Roslagsleden in its entirety stretches from Danderyd to Grisslehamn and is approx. 19 miles of walking in rune-rich ancient monuments, through untouched forests with clear lakes, in living countryside with cows and lambs, in historic places with churches and castles, in protected nature with rare fauna and flora as well as along a coast that offers rocks, pebbles and sand by an endlessly beautiful sea.

Hiking guide and inspiration

In the hiking guide, we have divided the Roslagsleden into 11 day stages. The shortest is 9 km long, the longest 25. Expect a normal walking pace of 5 km per hour. Then add everything you can stop and enjoy along the way, and it might take a little longer.

The trail is marked with orange-painted bands around trees. Here and there there are arrows showing the way and the distances. There is an information board at the start and end of each stage.

Please contact us for more information or to book this!

Price from SEK 1,670 per person in part of a double room.
Can be booked from 4 March to 31 October 2024

The package includes:
• Packed lunches to take with you on the hike
• Tips and recommendations on which stage to choose
• 3 course dinner
• Overnight stay
• Breakfast buffet

The package is booked via email: info@atellet.se

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