Lunch menu week 8

Today's and week's tips are served Monday-Friday at 11:00-14:00
When booking a table, you get the table for 1 hour. In case of late arrival, we release the table after 15 minutes.

Today's lunch 135

mashed potatoes, cream sauce, lingonberries

Chicken Vindaloo
rice, raita, tomato salad

Beef bourguignon
mashed potatoes, pickled onions, smoked pork belly

tomato salad, basil cream, parmesan

tomato salad, jalapeño, french fries

Of the week

The week from the sea 190
Grilled salmon
jalapeño butter sauce, fennel, dill

Meat of the week 170
Pepper roast
red wine cloud, pimentos, roasted potatoes

Veg 135 of the week
Halloumi Stroganoff
rice, sour cream, parsley

Salad of the week 135
pesto, walnuts, pickled onions

Householder of the week 165
Potato pancake
fried pork, lingonberries, browned butter

Supplement: Small salad 20

Always at Åtellet

Salted almonds 55

Olives 55

Meatplatter 75

Öjeby toast
stonebit rum, lemon, red onion 165/220

Roslag schnitzel
Sugar snap peas, browned butter, tomato salad 235
French fries instead of potatoes? +20

Åtellet's salad
Västerbotten caesar, avocado, croutons 255
Choose between hand-peeled prawns or deep-fried pannoumi

Chocolate truffles
caramel & sea salt 40

Chocolate cream
salted caramel ice cream, brownie, browned butter 125

Reserve a table

If you wish to book a table for more than 9 people, you can submit a booking request below. We will then contact you if there is an opportunity for us to receive you or not. All parties larger than 9 people need to pre-order the food and notify us a few days in advance.

If you wish to book a table for breakfast, you select standard booking, number of people and then a time during breakfast.

We are a cashless hotel and restaurant. When invoicing, you must contact us by phone or email before arrival to notify us of this and get approval back, otherwise payment by card applies on site.